Under The Big Top (Chapter 1)

Novel-Draft Ch. 1: Money can buy infinite wisdom

Photo by Gabor Barbely on Unsplash

Under The Big Top — Synopsis

Under the Big Top is a popular culture satire, complete at 90,000 words. It makes fun of entrepreneurs who believe all outcomes in people’s lives are controlled by their thoughts. These beliefs have been popularized by books like The Secret.

Steve is under no delusions; he is only a multimillionaire because he was deemed worthy by the ever-providing universe. Now, he will harness the universe’s power one more time to help his new girlfriend, Victoria, raise the capital she needs to produce a circus displaying the undeniable bond between horses and humans.

Steve struggles to find backers, a hurdle he interprets as the opportunity he’s been looking for — a venture underestimated by the market. Emboldened by this setback, he puts all his money into the show and hires Gabriel, an ambitious but naive Latino immigrant looking for a break away from construction and into the world of entertainment. Gabriel finds himself at odds with Steve’s trust in the law of attraction.

As Steve steals creative control of the circus away from Gabriel, he must face a hard truth: he does not have enough money to take the show to market and he is at the brink of losing all of his money, his reputation as a successful entrepreneur and the love of his soulmate.

Under the Big Top was inspired by a wealthy San Diegan couple who decided to start a circus with no previous production experience. After the show’s spectacular premiere failure, the couple disappeared overnight leaving behind months of unpaid payroll, millions of dollars in debt and the show’s big top — which remained empty on the Del Mar Fairgrounds for more than a year.

The plotline development was informed by my own misguided attempts to become rich for which I have experienced many business failures. I’m human after all and to be human is to want to be rich, right?

“My daddy took me to a circus.
‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’
There were clowns and elephants and dancing bears.
And a beautiful lady in pink tights flew high above our heads.
And as I sat there watching, I had the feeling that something was missing.I don’t know what, but when it was over, I said to myself,
‘Is that all there is to a circus?'”
Is That All There Is? by Dan Daniels.

Chapter 1: Money Can Buy Infinite Wisdom

Steve took pride in knowing that infinite wisdom came with a reasonable price tag of forty-seven thousand dollars. It had been a year since he participated in the intense Bali spiritual retreat that awakened his energy meridians and life couldn’t get any better.

Selling the business he founded allowed him to retire before he was 50 and he used his downtime to achieve enlightenment. He would bet his substantial fortune that Buddha would’ve felt the same way if he knew he could’ve achieved Nirvana without renouncing his family’s wealth.

Steve was sitting at the Coastal Kitchen in Del Mar waiting for his educational training to start. He had been nursing what he liked to call an Unreliable Bloody Mary, which is basically a Bloody Mary drank at times other than the morning. He kept thinking about the previous night. He regretted not being more forward with Victoria. He regretted not fighting back when she said that if it was meant to be, they would run into each other.

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