Baby, I Swear I’m Fine

A poem about struggle and the power of relationships


Baby, I’m fine. 
My cookie crumbled; I landed on it 
when they pulled the rug 
from under my feet and I stumbled.

I know; 
I have a concussion. 
I’m seeing double 
and feeling nauseous.

Before the pandemic hit, I took several risks in my life that didn’t pay off. At times, I felt really defeated by them. But I always found solace in my relationships. Those failures taught me an invaluable lesson — one I was able to use in one of the strangest moments of our history. That regardless of what’s happening outside in the world, there is nothing more important than to love and be loved.

First Published by Scribe. Read the rest of the poem here.


Carlos Garbiras
Navigating life through personal essays and opinion pieces on communication psychology and relationships.
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